Meet Us

George & Vana - The parents

George & Vana were born on Santorini. In 2002, they decided to transform their family home and property into a boutique hotel.

Being authentic Santorinians, they maintained their traditional way of life and hospitality. This is reflected in the way of treating their guests.

They both take pride in running the hotel, ensuring – on an individual basis – your comfort and satisfaction according to your needs.

Antonia & Nikolina - The daughters

Antonia & Nikolina, grew on the same premises where their beautiful hotel stands today. After completing their studies in Athens, they were motivated by their deep love for Santorini to run and help their parents operating the hotel. Taking advantage of their extensive travel experiences, they have combined their new ideas with their parents’ traditional beliefs so to provide their guests with a uniquely enjoyable experience.

Being keen on travelling and meeting new people, they get a sense of accomplishment knowing that their guests will feel at home and will thoroughly enjoy their stay in Santorini.

Antonia and Nikolina speak: Greek, English, French, as well as Italian and will be able to accommodate most guests in their native language upon arrival.

The girls will strive to make your stay as worry free as possible providing full services including Reservation Confirmations, Arrangements for Excursions, Tours, Rentals, Transfers etc.

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George is part of the family, he is the nephew of Nikolina’s husband.

He is a graduate of the Department of French Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while his studies focus on plurilingualism and multiculturalism.

He speaks English, French, and Italian fluently and he knows Russian as well.

His knowledge of Santorini and his love for travelling and meeting new people make him special and the ideal person to provide you with guidance during your visit with us!

Our George, kind and smiling, engages with pride and a commitment to offer you a personalised itinerary with immense information for your peace of mind during your stay at our hotel!

Reverie Santorini Hotel, accommodation in Firostefani, Rooms, Studios, Suites book online

Ken & Doris

Ken & Doris, our lovely, dedicated housekeepers, have been working many years with our family and they are pivotal to the success of our hotel.

They are well-trusted and deliver the highest level of excellence and quality service, constantly addressing all types of concerns.

They both work hard everyday day ensuring our guests have a clean “home away from home”…

Reverie Santorini Hotel, accommodation in Firostefani, Rooms, Studios, Suites book online

“Upon making your reservation with us till the time of your departure, we will passionately attempt to provide you with outstanding service.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.